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Understanding Civics & Citizenship

​​OMI’s Civics and Citizenship Workshops improve your community’s understanding of Australia’s political system, citizenship rights and responsibilities, and explain how you can get involved in government decision-making processes.

The workshops are held in partnership with the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia, Electoral Education Centre and Australia Day WA.

The workshops will give you and your community the knowledge, understanding and skills to fully participate in civic life as active citizens in Australian society.

What’s included​

The workshops cover a range of topics including:

  • how to enrol to vote and how to become a candidate for election
  • how Australian and Western Australian Parliamentary systems work and how laws are made
  • the Australian Constitution
  • who Australia’s main political parties are
  • how to make your voice heard and make your vote count.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in having a Civics and Citizenship Workshop for your community, contact OMI to put together a workshop to best suit your community’s needs.

The workshops run for three hours and can take place during office hours, after hours or on weekends.

They can be held at the Constitutional Centre in West Perth, the OMI offices in Perth CBD or at your community hall or centre.

For more information contact (08) 6551 8700 or email​.

Training participants practicing voting

It is important for every citizen to ensure they are enrolled to vote. If you are already enrolled, it is advisable to check and update your details with the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC).

Please access the WAEC website​ for information about participation in the Election, including:

The WAEC uses the Commonwealth Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS).

Electors are encouraged to call the free number

13 14 50 and ask to be put through to the Western Australian Electoral Commission on 13 63 06.​

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