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Community Grants Program FAQs

Applying for a CGP grant

Q. When can an application be submitted for the CGP?

Applications will only be accepted during the funding round periods.

The opening and closing dates for funding round periods will be advertised on the OMI website.

Applications may be submitted any time during the funding round period before 4.00pm on the round closing date. Late applications will not be accepted.

Q. What activity or projects will and will not be funded by OMI?

The funding guidelines for each funding round will detail the types of applications that can be supported.

In general, funding cannot be considered for activities or projects that:

  • Have already taken place
  • Are outside of the dates specified in the funding guidelines for the specific grant category
  • Would be more appropriately supported through an alternate funding source
  • Are solely for fundraising purposes or are expected to realise a profit
  • Are taking place outside of Western Australia
  • Relate to activities that are part of a larger program funded by another agency
  • Are primarily of a religious nature
  • Celebrate national days, independence days or commemorative celebrations.

Q. What costs can and cannot be supported by the CGP?

The funding guidelines will detail costs that can be supported by the CGP. The following is some general advice that applies to all categories:

Costs that can be supported

  • Short-term event personnel costs, such as event officer/coordinator costs or facilitator fees
  • Advertising, publicity, promotion, marketing, printing and publishing
  • One-off venue hire, equipment hire and cleaning
  • Event administration (e.g. telephone, postage and stationery expenses)
  • Transport costs (e.g. bus hire and public transport costs for local travel within WA)
  • Document preparation or printing
  • Provision of interpreting and translating services
  • Contribution towards catering and food costs up to a maximum of 10 percent of the project budget.

Costs that cannot be supported

  • Existing ongoing or recurrent organisational costs (e.g. salaries, fees and lease or rental payments)
  • Venue hire for an organisation’s own venue
  • Purchase of capital equipment (e.g. computers, photocopiers and vehicles)
  • Capital works (e.g. purchase of land or buildings, repairs, extensions, renovations or maintenance)
  • Accomodation costs
  • Conference attendance costs
  • Research-related items
  • Interstate or overseas travel (inbound or outbound, including airfares)
  • The costs of prizes or gifts
  • Costs associated with faith based activities.

Q. Are there resources available to assist in preparing the application?

There may be additional materials that you are required to provide with your application. These resources are available on the Community Grants Program page on the OMI website.

Project planning resources are also available for download from the Resources page on the OMI website. These resources include budget template, project plan template and an Event Management Planning Guide. You are welcome to use these resources to support your grant application, and for general project or event planning.

Grant workshops are held during each funding round. Scheduled workshop dates and information on how to register will be advertised on the Community Grants Program page on the OMI website.

Q. What is the application process for the CGP?

  • Download the application forms and guidelines from this website
  • Contact an OMI Grants Officer before you begin writing your application to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and understand the assessment criteria
  • Applicants submit the application with any supporting documentation by 4.00pm of the round closing date
  • All applications are reviewed by OMI to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and can be considered for assessment
  • Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not progress through to the assessment stage
  • Applications are assessed by an independent panel comprising representatives from OMI and other organisations. Panel recommendations are made to the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests for final review and approval
  • Applicants are notified in writing about the outcome of their applications and can request feedback on the outcome.

Q. Who in my organisation can complete an application for a CGP grant?

The application should be completed by a representative of the organisation with the authority to commit the organisation to a grant agreement. The representative is generally the President, Secretary, Treasurer, CEO, Manager or Coordinator. The organisations constitution provides guidance on who is authorised to sign legal documents on behalf of the organisation.

Q. Is there additional information I should provide with my application?

Yes. An overview of required information is included in the checklist at the end of the application form.

The minimum required additional information includes:

  • A copy of the applicant organisations (or the auspicing body's) Certificate of Incorporation
  • If the applicant organisation (or the auspicing body) does not have an ABN, a Statement by a Supplier form is needed
  • A signed Auspicing Agreement is the application is being auspiced.

Q. What is an in-kind contribution?

An organisation or group often contributes to a project with their own resources, which may reduce the amount of actual cash needed. These contributions would have been an expense if they were not donated.

An in-kind contribution means support, other than money, provided by and to your organisation towards your project. This can include voluntary labour (e.g. poster design work or office administration) or donated goods and services (e.g. food or professional advice from an accountant).

The calculation of your in-kind contribution is based on your best estimates. In-kind volunteer general labour is normally calculated at $20 per hour, and in-kind volunteer specialist labour (e.g. services of an engineer or architect) are normally calculated at $45 per hour. In-kind provision of goods is normally calculated at the retail or market price that goods would have been bought for.

You will be asked to include in-kind contributions to your project as part of your application budget. This will provide the full monetary value of the project, inclusive of any cash income.

Q. When and how will my organisation know if our application has been successful?

The assessment process will take a minimum of two months. The applicant organisation (or the auspicing body) will receive a letter advertising the outcome of the application following the completion of the assessment process. At this point, applicants can request feedback on the outcome.

Recipients of CGP funding are listed on the Previous Grant Recipients page on the OMI website.

Q. How do I get further information about the CGP?

The funding guidelines for each grant category are made available on the OMI website when the funding round is open.

If you have further queries contact an OMI Grants Officer on (08) 6552 1619 or by email to


Q. Is my organisation eligible to apply for funding?

Eligible organisations must be incorporated, not-for-profit organisations and associations based in Western Australia.

Unincorporated not-for-profit associations and community groups based in Western Australia can be auspiced by an eligible organisation (Auspicing Guidelines apply).

Q. Who is not eligible to apply for funding?

  • Local, State and Commonwealth agencies
  • Commercial or for-profit organisations
  • Schools or universities
  • Individuals
  • Political organisations
  • Organisations that have outstanding acquittals or reporting for grants from previous OMI or Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries funding programs.

Please note that while schools are not eligible to apply for funding, incorporated school-based Parents and Citizens and Parents and Friends groups based in Western Australia are eligible to make an application.

Q. What does auspicing mean?

An auspiced grant is a grant paid to a third party to administer on behalf of those undertaking the funded project or activity. This third party is known as the auspicing body. This arrangement is referred to as 'auspicing'.

The auspicing body may agree to merely receive a grant on behalf of those undertaking the funded project or activity, or they may also agree to manage other aspects of the project or activity.

OMI may accept grant applications on behalf of a group through an eligible auspicing body. If the application is successful, the grant agreement and payment will be issued to the auspicing body and they will be responsible for leading primary communication with OMI.

Refer to the Auspicing Guidelines for more information about auspicing and requirements to have an OMI grant auspiced.

Q. Can my organisation apply more than once for funding?

Organisations may submit one application per category per funding round.

Successful applicants

Q. When can we expect the grant funds?

Grant recipients will receive a letter confirming that their application was successful and providing information on the next steps.

A grant agreement must be signed if the grant is for $10,000 or more, or if there are particular conditions of the grant.

Funds are released within 60 days of the receipt of the letter, subject to the finalisation of all documentation.

Q. How does the organisation acknowledge OMI support in advertising for the project?

It is a condition of your grant agreement to ensure that OMI's support of your project is appropriately acknowledged through any communications, promotional material or at any events related to the funded project. A full outline of these requirements is included in the grant agreement.

The OMI logo and guidelines for logo use are available for download on the Logos page of the OMI website. CGP grant recipients are required to use the 'supported by' logo.

Register any events related to the funded project for inclusion on the OMI Community Event Calendar.

To arrange for an OMI banner to be displayed at any events related to the funded project, complete an OMI Banner Order Form and return it to There is no cost to the grant recipient associated with this.

When sharing promotional content and images of your funded project or events online, you can use #multiculturalwa or tag @multiculturalwa to connect to OMI's social media platforms. You may also email promotional content and images with credits through to

Q. What happens if there are changes to project timelines or the budget?

OMI understands that changes may occur. However, it is essential that any changes to the project activities, timelines or budget are negotiated with OMI before they are actioned. A formal variation to the grant agreement may be required to reflect the changes.

Written requests for a project or budget variation can be made through an OMI Grants Officer at

Q. What are the reporting requirements for a CGP grant?

All successful grant recipients are required to provide a project report, including a Certified Financial Statement, within 60 days of completion of the project. The project report should be accompanied by copies of project photos, promotional materials and media coverage.

There may be a requirement to provide progress reporting as part of receiving your grant. All reporting requirements are outlined in your grant agreement.

Where the Grant Funds are valued at under $50,000, financial statements must be certified by the Chairman, CEO or equivalent of the organisation.

Where the Grant Funds are valued at $50,000 or more, financial statements must be certified by the Chairman, CEO or equivalent AND certified by a professional auditor who is:

  • Not an officer or employee of the organisation
  • Registered as a company auditor or equivalent under a law in force in Western Australia
  • A member or fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants or the National Institute of Accountants.