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Community Languages Program

​​Enthic youthThe Community Languages Program (CLP) provides support to not-for-profit community organisations to teach languages other than English and cultural maintenance programs after school hours.

The $1.158 million Community Languages Program currently supports 98 community languages schools/organisations teaching 55 languages.

Program support includes:

  1. a free professional learning program for community language school teachers and administrators
  2. grant funding for new and established community language schools.

Other support currently in development include a Teacher’s Resource Library and a School Accreditation Program that will provide guidance and standards for community language schools in Western Australia.

Professional Learning Program

The OMI Professional Learning Program (PLP) is provided free of charge to all teachers and administrators of Western Australia’s community language schools.

 All community language school teachers who are not registered with the WA Teachers Registration Board will need to complete the OMI PLP Tell Me Now; Show Me How session.

For information on course dates and registration click here.

Click here to view the PLP schedule for August-December 2017.

​​Should you have any questions please contact OMI at

Community Language Program grants

The CLP offers three grant categories to support the operations of community language schools and special projects that improve the quality and delivery of language education in community language schools.

Funding is competitive, however, eligible schools could consider applying for:

  1. New school grants—provide community language schools that have been operating for between 12 and 52 weeks with one-off foundation funding to support start-up costs.
  2. Program development grants—provide one-off support for projects that will assist schools to develop their language education program.
  3. Per capita grants—assist established community language schools operating for more than 12 months with the costs of running the school.

Enthic student in libraryUseful links

Applying for a grant?

Community language schools interested in applying for a grant are encouraged to contact OMI to discuss your application before submission.

Telephone (08) 6552 1603 or

CLP Policy and Implementation Framework

The CLP Policy and Implementation Framework provides the rationale and structure of the CLP.

Community Languages Collection

The State Library of Western Australia houses an extensive collection of teaching materials and resources for more than 40 languages. The collection of has been made available to language teachers, particularly those from the community languages sector, through the Office of Multicultural Interests.

Community Language Schools provide a vital service to the community and it is essential they have access to up-to-date resources. The Community Languages Collection comprises a range of hard-copy, digital, audio and visual resources that can be used in classes or in the development of lesson plans, ensuring students are receiving the best possible language education.

The Community Languages Collection is available at The State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis Street, Perth Cultural Centre.

Love of Language

Love of Language provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn a new language. It features inspirational texts and videos from around the world.

Developed by Community Languages Australia, and supported by the Victorian Government, Love of Language promotes the benefits of learning additional languages or maintaining your mother tongue. Go to​.