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Community Language Schools

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Community Language Schools

The Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) provides support to not-for-profit community organisations to teach languages other than English and cultural maintenance programs after school hours.

Support includes:

  • access to the Pathways to Improvement Program
  • a free professional learning program for all community language school teachers and administrators in Western Australia
  • sector support initiatives including the Community Languages WA website and the Community Languages Resource Collection at the State Library of Western Australia
  • grant funding for new and established community language schools.

Community Language School grant funding currently supports 47 community language schools teaching 35 languages to more than 5000 students.

Community Language School grants​

Grants are available to support community language school administration and operations. 

Refer to the Community Language School FAQs​ for general information about grant funding, such as eligibility requirements, what applications can be supported, and how to apply. The funding guidelines and application forms are released when the funding round is open.​

2019 funding round is now closed

The 2019 funding round closed at 4:00pm Monday 11 March 2019.

Applicants will be notified of outcomes in writing by June 2019.


Pathways to Improvement Program 

To qualify for grant funding, community language schools must participate in the Pathways to Improvement Program (PIP) delivered by the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia (AIMWA). 

The PIP is a development program for community language schools. The PIP has been developed to improve and maintain quality language teaching and learning. The PIP helps administrators, teachers, parents, community members and students understand what makes a good community language school and quality language program.

The PIP offers your school:

  • access to advice and guidance on areas for improvement through a formal assessment process
  • a customised professional learning program
  • eligibility to apply for OMI funding when your school achieves registration.
The first stage is 'Registration' which involves a check of your community language school against the Community Language School grants eligibility criteria to ensure your school is eligible to apply for grant funding.  
Schools that achieve the Registration stage in 2019 will qualify for CLS grant funding for the three (3) years from 2020-2023, subject to maintaining their PIP portfolio documentation over this period. The annual application process will require schools to provide updated school information and student enrolment details, all other information is gathered through the PIP evaluation. 

For further information see the Pathways to Improvement information sheet or visit the Community Languages website.

You can contact AIMWA at


Professional Learning Program

The Professional Learning Program (PLP) is provided free of charge to all teachers and administrators of Western Australia's community language schools. The program is delivered by the AIMWA.

Participation in the PLP is a requirement for any school that secures grant funding. Community language schools that are not funded by OMI are also able to access the PLP.

For information on course dates and registration visit the AIMWA website here.


Community Languages WA

The Community Languages WA (CLWA) website is a destination for information, resources, networking and collaboration for community language teachers and administrators.

It is an excellent resource for the sector and encourages community languages schools to contribute stories and experiences.

The website can be found at

 Community Languages Collection

The State Library of Western Australia (SLWA) houses an extensive collection of teaching materials and resources for more than 40 languages. The collection has been made available to language teachers, particularly those from the community languages sector, through the Office of Multicultural Interests.

The Community Languages Collection (CLC) comprises a range of hardcopy, digital, audio and visual resources that can be used in classes or in the development of lesson plans, ensuring students are receiving the best possible language education.

The State Library of Western Australia has also developed Teacher Resources for use by community language teachers.

The CLC is available at the State Library of Western Australia, Perth Cultural Centre, 25 Francis Street, Northbridge.


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