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Community Support Fund

​​​​Ethnic brothersThe Community S​upport Fund (CSF) is a 3-year funding program to support not-for-profit culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) service organisations and CaLD umbrella community associations to deliver services that address unmet needs of Western Australians from CaLD backgrounds. 

Funding is available to: 
  • address gaps in mainstream service provision for CaLD communities 
  • provide services to Western Australians from CaLD backgrounds in areas of need such as settlement, employment, health, mental health, family and domestic violence, and parenting to support integration and social economic and civic participation. 
​Programs must not duplicate existing services available to CaLD communities, unless it can be demonstrated that the current service is insufficient for demand, not culturally appropriate or not accessed by CaLD communities for other reasons. 

Eligible organisations will be invited to apply. 

Services will commence after 1 July 2019 and before 31 December 2019. 

Enquiries can be emailed to