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Multicultural Partnerships Program

Ethnic brothersThe Multicultural Partnerships Program (MPP) is a triennial funding program that supports partnership service delivery models between not-for-profit organisations, ethnic organisations and community groups. The program aims to build social cohesion, increase intercultural understanding and foster community integration.

Through the MPP, the State Government has invested more than $800,000 over the 2015–2018 period to strengthen social cohesion, increase workforce participation and build leadership in Western Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.

The MPP has three components:

  • A Shared Future is a program designed to increase social cohesion by working with young people to provide the knowledge and skills to counter the potential of radicalisation, increase intercultural understanding and reduce economic, social and cultural isolation.
  • A Global Workforce is a program to assist migrants to gain employment and increase workforce participation in their area of training and qualification.
  • The African Leadership Initiative is for African community members and supports leadership development through a program of structured education and participant generated projects

For all other queries on the program please email using the subject heading ‘MPP query’.

From 2016 to 2018, the initiatives that will receive funding are:

  • A Shared Future ($100,000 per annum)
    Delivered by Relationships Australia WA, the program is designed to increase understanding of the warning signs of anti-social and at-risk behaviours of young people, by implementing strategies enabling youth to participate successfully in the broader community.
    Contact: Esther Mwathi on 6164 0207 or
  • A Global Workforce ($100,000 per annum)
    A capacity building program delivered by Communicare, to assist migrants to gain employment and increase workforce participation in their area of training and qualification, by leveraging existing employment services, industry and employer networks.
    Contact: Rahul Verma on 9251 5777 or
  • African Leadership Initiative ($70,000 per annum)
    An initiative delivered by the Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, the program seeks to form and support a leadership network for the WA African community, by empowering participants with the skills to represent community needs.
    Click here for details about enroling in the African Leadership Initative 2018 programs.
    Contact: Violet Arrey on 9345 5755 or

To get involved contact these organisations directly.