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User Guide for Supported by logo

The aim of this user guide

This guide is to help groups an​d organisations that have received Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) Community Grants Program funding to choose and use the correct logo for promotional materials such as flyers and posters.

For groups and organisations receiving funding from OMI, the following ‘supported by’ logo should be used on material to promote funded events.

The other logo on this website (the one without the words ‘supported by’) should only be used by WA Government departments, statutory authorities and community organisations that have been authorised by OMI to use this logo

Logo selection​​​

There are three ‘supported by’ logos—one is full colour, one is black and white and one is a reverse black and white. If your flyer, poster or brochure is in a dark colour you will need to use the reverse logo. If your promotional item is on a light background you can use either the full colour logo or the black and white logo.

Which format?

The electronic formats available are JPEG, EPS or PNG

JPEG is suitable for computer screen use, internally printed flyers, posters or newsletters (this is the one you will probably use the most).

EPS is the format for print reproduction. Use this option for press, general advertising, brochures and signage that you are having created by professional printers. The EPS format is not generally compatible with use on personal computers but is a standard format for the printing industry.

PNG files are best for internet or online documents, for example, PDF files.

Downloading the logo

To download the logo, go to and Right-click and Save Target As.


It is important that you do not change the colours used in the logo. They are part of the Government Common Badging and so cannot be changed.

Minimum size

When using the logo, please make sure that the State Coat of Arms part of the logo is no smaller that 1.5cm in width.

Exclusion zone

Please make sure that the distance around the logo is no smaller that the width of the State Coat of Arms. So if you are using another logo on your promotional material, do not put it too close to the OMI logo.

Logo placement

The OMI logo should be placed appropriately in relation to your own logo or identity. If other organisations are also supporting your organisation, please make sure that the logos aren’t crowded too closely together

A few ‘don’ts’

You should also be careful not to:

  • change the size or shape of any part of the OMI logo
  • place the logo on a patterned background
  • distort the logo
  • re-create the logo using different fonts
  • use the words Office of Multicultural Interests without the State Coat of Arms
  • attach other words to the logo.

If you need help?

Please contact us if you have any questions about using the OMI logo. Phone Kate Rowlands on 6552 1767 or Sandra Dyer on 6552 1795.