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Community Profiles

​​West​​ern Australian community profiles – 2011 Census

The following profiles of Western Australian communities are based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census compared with data from the previous two censuses. The purpose of the profiles is to deepen our understanding of WA’s cultural diversity and the way it has changed over time.

The information can be used for policy, program and service development and delivery, as well as for research, general interest and to increase cultural awareness.

Profiles are available for 30 communities based on size, growth, length of establishment and geographic representation. The profiles provide data and trend analysis for key socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, migration history and cultural indicators, family formation and individual wellbeing.

For current data on WA's culturally diverse communities, see the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

The latest community profiles are provided below in PDF format.

Western Australian c​​​​ommunity pro​​files – 2006 Census

The short profiles for 12 selected CaLD communities are based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2006 Census data. They include 10 established communities based on size and length of establishment, and two new and emerging communities (Somalia and Sudan). These will facilitate trend analysis and identify issues with implications for government policy and the delivery of services.

The 2006 community profiles are provided below in PDF format.


Western Austral​​​ian co​​​​mmunity profiles – 2001 Census


In 2004, twenty six commu​​nity profiles were released based on socio-economic and ethnicity-related demographic data from the ABS 2001 Census.