Community consultations

The Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) holds consultations and roundtables with culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities to learn first-hand about the issues affecting them for developing more responsive and culturally appropriate services, policies and programs.

The consultations are an opportunity for government to listen to the views of CaLD communities both in Perth and in regional Western Australia.

Feedback from the consultations is given to relevant government departments to help them improve their processes, policies and programs aimed at CaLD communities.

OMI works with State, local and Commonwealth Government agencies, community groups and organisations to address the issues raised in the consultations.

Other government agencies also partner with OMI to host their own consultations and round tables with CaLD communities in Perth and regional WA. ​

Consultation frequently asked questions

What is a community consultation?

A community consultation is a meeting with members of the community, OMI and any partnering agencies to listen to peoples’ views about issues that are important to them.

What is the purpose of a community consultation?

Community consultations give people from CaLD backgrounds the opportunity to provide input into government decision-making processes, policies and programs.

How are community consultations undertaken?

Consultations are by request, as required by the Minister or to provide input into priority issues and our policy areas identified in OMI’s Strategic Plan.

Can I request a consultation?

If you are a representative of a State Government agency, a non-government organisation or a community group you can request a consultation.

How do I request a consultation?

To request a consultation email OMI or write to OMI at 140 William Street, Perth WA 6000.

What is OMI’s role in consultations?

OMI can act as the lead agency hosting a consultation. This means that we research the topic, prepare a discussion paper, arrange the consultation, send out invitations, host and facilitate the consultation, write a report and publish it on the website. We also follow up suggestions with relevant agencies. The outcomes of consultations are published on our website.

Who participates in a community consultation?

People from CaLD backgrounds are the key participants in community consultations. Representatives from non-government agencies who work with CaLD communities are also welcome to participate.

Do I need to receive an invitation in order to attend a consultation?

No. If you have seen a consultation advertised but have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please contact OMI on 6551 8700 or email OMI to register your interest to attend the consultation.

What happens after the consultation?

A report is written based on the information gathered at the consultation. The report is sent to government agencies relevant to the consultation topic for their information and feedback. The report is also published on our website.

OMI continues to work with stakeholders and publishes an outcomes report on our website. This provides an update on progress and achievements in response to the issues raised.

How do I know when the next community consultation will be held?

All consultations are advertised on the OMI website.

How do I provide feedback or make comment on the consultation or consultation report or consultation outcomes?

Provide feedback and comments on a consultation, consultation report or outcomes report.

Community consultations

Page reviewed 20 August 2020