Funding forums

Funding forums provide information to assist culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) community groups find funding for projects and advise them on how to apply.

CaLD communities can experience challenges in seeking government funding. These challenges may include finding the right funding source, understanding the application process and complying with financial accountability requirements.

To help communities overcome these difficulties, the Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) established an across-government Funding Network for CaLD communities to improve communication between the many different government departments that offer funding.

As a result, since 2011, OMI has presented nine funding forums in both metropolitan and regional areas to inform CaLD communities about funding opportunities.

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Presentations from previous funding forums:

Finding funds workshops

A new model of delivery was developed by OMI in 2017 and resulted in what are now known as Finding Funds Workshops. 

OMI works in partnership with a local government to deliver a Finding Funds Workshop open to CaLD communities in the local government area. The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to gain information and tips on grant writing, fundraising and how to access government funding, philanthropic and corporate sponsorship.

The workshops are followed by scheduled one-on-one sessions for groups and organisations interested in applying for funding to support CaLD community projects or activities. The sessions are particularly useful to those who are unsure of which funding agency to apply to or are seeking feedback on their proposed project idea.

Want to attend our next finding funds workshop?

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Feedback from the forums and workshops

  • delivered complex issues and information in a simple/easy form—Turkish community

  • very informative, precise and brief—Filipino community

  • should be held regularly—African community.

If you have been successful in obtaining funding from the presenting agencies at the forums or workshops, please let us know and provide your feedback by email to OMI. 

Page reviewed 20 October 2020