Capacity building for communities

​One of the Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) key roles is to empower and build the capacity of culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities by providing them with information, skills and opportunities to assist with settlement, integration and citizenship.

Workshops and forums are offered in the following:

Funding forums — Learn about funding opportunities and get application advice

Funding agencies come together to present one-stop-shop forums that enable communities to learn about funding bodies and their grants programs, then hold informal discussions with staff from the agencies on their project ideas.

Media training — Information and skills on working with media

Interactive media workshops enable community members to learn and practise media skills including writing media statements and giving television interviews. Participants share experiences and obtain advice on strategy from media professionals. See OMI's Community Media Kit for media communication resources for CaLD communities.

Public sector forums — Employment opportunities in public sector

The public sector is the largest employer in WA, offers a range of careers and promotes a culturally diverse workforce. Participants find out how to look for a job, make an application, prepare for an interview and gain professional development opportunities.

Have you thought about a board role?

Diversifying Boards—Your cultural advantage​ can help you assess your board readiness and learn about how to pursue a board role. It includes information about boards, what being a board member involves and resources that you can access to help you on your journey to board membership.

This guide is accompanied by a governance training program developed by OMI and the WA Council of Social Services, to prepare people from CaLD backgrounds to take on board roles.

For more information about governance training email OMI. 
Diversifying boards — your cultural advantage cover

Diversifying Boards — Your Cultural Advantage

A guide to pursuing a board role
Page reviewed 20 October 2020