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Two women from the Chinese Mothers' Group experiment with a Chinese abacus

Photo: Chinese Mothers Group members experiment with a Chinese abacus

The WA Chinese Mothers Group held a special Harmony Week celebration this year at Kardinya Community Centre on 14 March.

The event attracted around 40 Western Australian Chinese families with young children and grandparents. Activities included cooking traditional Chinese food using modern equipment, a tea ceremony, playing with calligraphy—which is no longer used in daily life—and cartoons on oracle scripts, the original Chinese characters.

The highlight of the afternoon was a presentation by a local Aboriginal family telling stories from their history and culture, and showing children how to draw and colour boomerangs. After the presentation both communities got together to share their stories.

“It was a fantastic day, offering a chance to the young generation to learn about traditional Chinese culture and Aboriginal culture,” said Anqi Wan, coordinator of WA Chinese Mothers Group.

“This is important for the education and development of the new generation, knowing where they come from and who they are,” said Jinshu Li, chief counsellor of the group.

Jing Chen, Chairwoman of WA Chinese Mothers Group added that “the WA Chinese community is always open to different cultures and would like to build more connections with the local community".

Paula Hume, a Noongar woman whose families are from numerous Tribes from the Land of the Great Southern, said that she was honoured to share her family stories, cultures and how she makes her boomerangs with the Chinese families.

Charlene Thomas, Co-Founder of U Life Community, expressed her gratefulness of being able to connect the Chinese families with Indigenous friends.

"The best way to understand a culture, is to make friends with people who come from that background.”

The WA Chinese Mother's Group plans to organise the Harmony Week event every year, to bring more connection and conversation between communities.

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Western Australian Aboriginal and Chinese communities get together to celebrate Harmony Week

Page reviewed 20 October 2020