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Cultural diversity is one of Western Australia’s greatest strengths. 

Food is an important part of our multicultural community and provides an opportunity to share and learn about different cultures. For many people food is at the heart of expressing their culture and connecting with family and friends.  

In his multicultural cooking series, Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests, Dr Tony Buti MLA has been embarking on a journey of discovery of WA’s culinary diversity learning about traditional recipes from different cultures.   

With genuine curiosity and love for food, Minister Buti delves into age-old culinary techniques and flavours.  

From Serbian Sarma to Polish Pierogi, to Vietnamese Cha Gio, the series uncovers the cherished dishes passed down through generations.   

Cooking becomes a gateway to understanding history, traditions, and the soul of a community. Each step and flavour bring a deep appreciation for the stories and heritage behind each recipe. 

This series serves as a delicious reminder that food has the power to unite people, transcend borders, and foster harmony.  


Page reviewed 20 October 2020