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The McGowan Government has launched the Western Australian Multicultural Policy Framework to ensure all Western Australians have the opportunity to participate equitably ​in civic, social, economic and cultural life.

The Framework sets out practical and measurable ways public sector agencies can ensure their operations and services are inclusive and accessible for everyone, no matter their first language or cultural heritage.

It emphasises the State Government's commitment to multiculturalism and highlights the extensive benefits of our cultural and linguistic diversity—encompassing our First Peoples, those born in Australia, and the migrants from over 190 countries who make WA home.

Developed after extensive consultations with the State's multicultural communities, the framework is also a useful guide for local governments, non-government organisations and the corporate sector.

"By developing the Western Australian Multicultural Policy Framework, the McGowan Government is working to remove barriers to make sure every Western Australian gets a fair go—irrespective of their cultural, ethnic or religious background," said Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Paul Papalia CSC MLA.

"It is our job to seek equality for all Western Australians, to ensure people from all backgrounds are treated fairly and enabled to reach their potential.

"We need to help all organisations understand the benefits of utilising the extensive knowledge, skills and talents of people from all backgrounds.

"Western Australia is a State characterised by remarkable cultural and linguistic diversity and we want to make sure that the public sector is open and accessible for everyone."

The WA Multicultural Policy Framework is available here, together with information about how it can be implemented.


Page reviewed 20 October 2020