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Our vision

An inclusive and cohesive society which draws on its cultural and linguistic diversity to enhance the social, economic, cultural and civic development of Western Australia and the wellbeing of all community members.

Our purpose and role

The role of the Office of Multicultural Interests is to assist the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests and the State Government to achieve the full potential of multiculturalism.

This requires strategies that relate to the whole community including business and industry groups, government and non-government agencies, culturally diverse communities and the wider community.

The role of the office is as an ‘enabler ’ — providing information, advice, funding, training and support, and facilitating partnerships and collaboration to achieve:

  • a society that values, respects and maximises the benefits of its cultural, religious and linguistic diversity
  • the development of organisations whose policies, programs and services are accessible and responsive to the needs of a diverse community
  • strong communities whose members foster and share their diverse cultures and actively participate in all aspects of Western Australian life.

Our values


We value cultural diversity, recognise and promote its benefits and are responsive to the needs of Western Australia’s diverse community.


We are respectful in our interactions and encourage mutual respect between groups and individuals in our community.


We demonstrate leadership in multicultural interests and recognise the leadership and capacity in our culturally diverse communities.

Fairness and integrity

We are ethical, fair, equitable, open and transparent in our work.


We build and nurture relationships, collaboration and partnerships between government, non-government, business and the community sectors to achieve outcomes that strengthen culturally diverse communities, individually and collectively.


We strive for excellence and are committed to making a positive difference that benefits all Western Australians.

Our plan

Strengthen the capacity of culturally diverse communities

  • Fund and support community initiatives to maintain, share and promote diverse cultures, traditions and languages.
  • Skill community members and groups to represent, plan for and address the needs of communities with a focus on newly arrived migrants.
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaboration between culturally diverse communities, local, State and Australian governments and non-government agencies to address community needs.

Support the development of culturally inclusive policies, programs and services

  • Provide information, data and advice to guide the development of inclusive policies, programs and services across the government, non-government and business sectors.
  • Develop policy, guidelines and tools to increase cultural competency and encourage the delivery of language services.
  • Support the consistent collection of relevant data to inform service planning and delivery to culturally diverse community members.

Facilitate full participation by culturally diverse communities in social, economic, cultural and civic activities

  • Facilitate engagement of culturally diverse communities in government decision making processes through promotion of consultative processes.
  • Promote equitable access to government and non-government services, particularly for specific groups such as youth, seniors, people with disability and carers, and in areas such as settlement, education, training, employment and health.
  • Identify opportunities and/or fund initiatives which enhance the participation of culturally diverse communities in social and cultural life.
  • Promote active citizenship and representation in the democratic process.

Develop intercultural understanding and promote the benefits of Western Australia’s cultural diversity

  • Develop, support and fund initiatives to increase intercultural interaction and awareness, and counter racism and discrimination.
  • Encourage employers to maximise and promote the benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace and marketplace.
  • Work with the media to promote the benefits of cultural diversity and counter myths and stereotypes.
  • Recognise the achievements of members of Western Australia’s culturally diverse communities and their contributions to the State.


The information and advice within this document is provided voluntarily by the Office of Multicultural Interests as a public service. The information and advice is provided in good faith and is derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of this document. The reader of this document should satisfy him or herself concerning its application to their situation. The State of Western Australia, the Department of Local Government and Communities, the Office of Multicultural Interests, and their officers expressly disclaim liability for any act or omission occurring in reliance on this document or for any consequences of such act or omission.
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