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International Volunteers Day

Volunteers in the time of Covid-19

Dec 4, 2020
At that time none of us knew what was expected of us
Volunteers Day

International Volunteer Day celebrates

Dec 4, 2020
I thoroughly enjoy it! I visit people from CaLD backgrounds
International Volunteers Day

Volunteering helped me to settle in Australia

Dec 4, 2020
Volunteering was a first step for me to connect with my new country

Carers need to care for themselves

Oct 15, 2020
National Carers Week is a chance to care for carers and challenge stigma
Tandi Kuwana

Now is a good time to talk!

Oct 9, 2020
Mental Health Week 2020: try three simple things to boost your mental health
Pomegranates, honey and apples

Celebrating the year of 5781

Sep 18, 2020
As Rosh Hashanah approaches, the Perth Jewish community knows how lucky we are here in WA to be able to celebrate together
Trevor Creewel

Celebrating the Jewish New Year

Sep 18, 2020
There’s a sense of celebration but the mood is one of gratitude
Alice Leggett

A sweet year ahead

Sep 18, 2020
"While Rosh Hashanah has its roots in our ancient religion, I also see it as an important opportunity to feel connected to those around us through our culture, tradition and common heritage."
Poh Gan

There's more to say after RU OK!

Sep 10, 2020
We are always stronger when we share
Tinsae Teshoma

RU OK Day: a good day to listen to others

Sep 10, 2020
This day is a reminder to check on others but also yourself!
Bilingual psychology counsellor JingShu Li

Communication is key to mental health

Sep 10, 2020
Psychology counsellor JingShu Li talks about reaching out on RU OK Day
Rhoda Adewole-Osiwa, university student

RU OK Day helps CaLD young adults

Sep 9, 2020
RU OK Day is a day when we look out for others
Lucky Guo

Interpretation opens WA to new eyes and ears

Aug 31, 2020
Domestic travellers speaking languages other than English are finding more WA tourist venues are catering for their needs
Group of people talking

Leadership and governance program

Aug 26, 2020
Are you ready to step up to a board position? Applications are now open for OMI's 2020 Leadership and Governance Program
Mother and daughter with red nose

The importance of sleeping safely for babies

Aug 13, 2020
Red Nose Australia offers translated resources on protecting your babies

Communities celebrate Eid al-Adha

Aug 3, 2020
Three Western Australians have shared stories and memories of what Eid means to them

Refugee Week 2020 - Assadullah's story

Jul 14, 2020
Celebrating Refugee Week 2020 - Meet Assadullah who came to Australia in 2010 as an asylum seeker

Ageing in Multicultural Western Australia report

Jul 1, 2020
This report provides a review and analysis of the demographic, social and economic data for older Western Australians from CaLD backgrounds
COVID-19 coronavirus

COVID-19 information and updates

Jun 10, 2020
Latest novel coronavirus (COVID-19) information, updates and resource sourced from all of WA's government agencies

The State Government condemns acts of racism and hate

Jun 9, 2020
Statement by Minister Papalia: At a time when we are facing unparalleled challenges, I find instances of racism in our community to be repugnant
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